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Your Buddhas are superb! Thanks for sharing them!!!

This one is found in a small local temple next to the pagoda on the hill top of Beishan in Dazu. It has a centre parting hair, there is another one done in similar style in this temple. Date unknown, probably hundred years old base on the detail and aging.

Typical Tang Dynasty style, elongated face and rounded chin. Hair in rounded knot and has a halo behind it. Beishan in Dazu. Late Tang Dynasty in the 9th to 11th Century.

About 3 meters high portrait relief of Buddha with his hand in greeting pose at the entrance of Baodinshan rock carving site in Dazu country. Quite a number of large sculptures at this site are half body. South Song Dynasty, late 12th century.

Beautiful scene and colors!

Greetings from Italy



dear Jimmy Kang, thank you for presenting your wonderful pics!

best regards


This one has a Dragon fruit like bund. Built by a Thai monk who came to Singapore in the early part of last century (1927) to cater to the growing chinese Buddhist immigrants from neighbouring countries and China. It was probably the earliest one made in Singapore with rough craftmenship. Most of them were brought over from China or India and when a temple being renovated new one were added, as such there isn't any trace of old one. The ear lode is long but small at the tip. Big nose, simple head feature and a true indian bindi dot. In china the bindi dot are round. The back aura are probably trying to emulate from the Thai Phra Chinarat Buddha style. A simplified version. About 15 meter high. Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple at Race Course Road, off Serangoon, near Mustafah Shopping. Singapore.

This is how it looks like from the cliff wall. Partially damaged, however the face still looks intact thought not much detail. The original could have been painted. Those inside the man-made cave do have some paint work evidence. Outside, all the carving were bare with the rock surface. Could have been clean up during restoration. Date not confirm, could be about 500AD. Shikushi or The Grotto Temple, Gonyi Town, Henan, China.

This prominent smiling Buddha carving is quite similar to the one at Longmen, 3 Binyang centre cave. Elongated face, rounded chin and has a smiling curve lip. It also has a big bund. Plain hair, probably the original was painted, so there isn’t much detail on the carving. It’s the only one stand out among the rest standing at about 6 to 7 meter tall. From a small rock carving on a hill cliff side (about 100 meters long) within a temple compound in a cave dweller village, 7 km from Gongyi town. It featured a few small caves. Date not confirm, could be about 500AD. Shikushi or The Grotto Temple, Gonyi Town, Henan, China.

This is how big the 17 meter main Buddha look likes with reference to the human figures. You can see the lower parts were damaged. Not sure it was caused by weather. Probably men made. The square holes on the rock wall are meant for supporting wooden beam that are part of the structure of the temple building enclosed the area, which has long gone. Fengxian temple, Longmen Grotto, Luoyang, Henan, China


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