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I became mildly interested in photography when I borrowed a friend's camera so I could capture a few memories while traveling in Colorado for the first time, back in '77. The friend let me keep the camera for a couple years, so I kept collecting other memories as well, though not many. Later, I inherited an obsolete SLR from my husband. He wouldn't let me spend any money on it, so I was stuck with the lens it came with and didn't dare "practice shoot." Years later, I bought a nice 35mm point and shoot with a zoom on it and thus expanded my limited skills a bit. I still didn't dare "practice shoot." When I started web designing, I saw the need for a digital camera, so bought a very cheap one. At 1 megapixel, it was limited, but took pretty nice photos, had a zoom, and at last I could practice. A couple years later, someone broke the thing for me. I had to replace it, so decided to invest in a digital SLR. Several years have passed, it's quite obsolete, but it still takes nice photos and isn't broken yet. I've added lenses and filters (courtesy of Ebay), and have a lot of fun with it.


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