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**My dear claus mate!, you are a marra!

Give me a clue a to what yon cabbage is what yer allergic tee, aal not put none in yer borthday cayek mitoir, REET?

You have a cool weekend too, I am going to relax for an hour or twelve

Best regards,


Thanks marra! GIZZAKISS! (I aint bin rinkin'....I'm on I.V. antibiotics)

the man upstairs? I haven't got a lodger. You know what? I thank the Almighty for every day, every second , that I am here on this planet, as part of humankind.

Happy Thanksgiving to Y'All!

Mike (a GEORDIE! y'naa!)

and you could find Paldang power dam....from the station 2km only...to go...

Ah! she is so well known is my FAT BETTY

Now you go careful on that sack Claus ;>)


Hello Zigeunerweisen, this subway station entrance is well designed: spotlights illuminating the bare rock, it's really beautiful.

Kind regards, Claus

Nice shiner!

I do hope at the very least you gave as good as you got? Rob

That's very kind of you Arthur, thank you.


I have a theory to explain that Mary, I think I would be too busy looking downwards for 'gators, snakes and other crawlin' things to look up and notice what colour the sky is! Hee Hee Heeeee

You take care now, Mary, from Mike in GEORDIELAND! where we aint bothered by anything that bites!

Thank you x7y7.

Stunning interior shot Claus, best wishes, Fai


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