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Walt Disney Studios UK LTD: The Spectre Board Report

Walt Disney Studios UK LTD is operational as Walt Disney British Films LTD and authorized duly by the UK Military and Parliament to serve the function of Shield security agency under the Authority of Scotland Yard, headed during WWII by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney.

Walt Disney British Films LTD has retained the legal right of contract RE: Christopher Evans.

Paramount Pictures and Paramount Parks are the Property of Walt Disney Studios UK LTD.

Paramount Pictures Studios is being sold to Warner Bros. Pictures, while Paramount Pictures is to retain the contract of Christopher Pine and Karl Urban.

Walt Disney British Films LTD selected the character Artemis Fowl, created on the Cyber Diary of our unwitting real-life Princess Diaries candidate, to bring to Hyperion Audio Book Series and then into live action Film Production. Artemis Fowl begins his Hyperion existence, narrated by a young Welsh super-agent, as a Criminal Mastermind, a prep school youth with a Belfast accent, who made the decision to restore his hereditary fortune, by taking over the world, with the assistance of a loyal butler, all at the age of 12.

Walt Disney Studios UK LTD Travel and Tourism: Adventures by Disney EMEA & Asia Pacific, the new park nature science based theme park including Avatar Land, Gardens of Europe Pavilion, Canals of France Barge Tour, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mont Blanc Toboggan Geothermal Aquatic Park, Adventure Island, Village Nature & Park, Lake Nature Hotel and Villas at Disneyland Paris with ESPN Wild World of Sports Event Complex joining Walt Disney Studios Park that will be adding Mary Poppins, and Be Our Guest plus Arendelle Village and Frozen Ice Castle Ride Attraction at the soon to be expanded Fantasyland at Disneyland Park with Adventureland already being redesigned to meet the expectation of the new Star Wars Land at Discoveryland, the newly staffed and digitally enhanced Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Shanghai, and Disney Cruise Line will sail again by the year 2020 with a European Super-liner Flagship. Under Agreement to the estate of Dom Pérignon, Maison Perrier-Jouët, and Salzburg Haus, signature vintage and brewing are to become exclusive to Walt Disney Travel and Tourism UK.

UK Corporate Culture EMEA: On Behalf of His Majesty's Players, restoration of the Royal Shakespeare Original Old Globe Theater Stratford-upon-Avon: Konica Minolta and Roy E. Disney Trust are to endow the dual BA English and Science, Technology and Society with Media Studies and or Romance Languages and Literature of Pomona College with Cambridge University OCR and Cornell University Rome, and the BA Law and Political Science, EU emphasis at University of Chicago Center in Paris, Sciences Po Paris, Reims, Caserta, La Sorbonne Paris et Abu Dhabi avec La Licence Professionelle Lieu et Sciences Humaines et Sociales i.e. HISTOIRE DE L'ART ET ARCHÉOLOGIE, HISTOIRE ET GÉOGRAPHIE, SOCIOLOGIE.

UK Financial: £1,000,000,000 per annum was held at escrow, of the UK website based Disneyland Paris resort fee, thus this will allow for a more streamlined Travel and Tourism booking structure within the UK and EMEA bearing the Euro at Disneyland Paris and US dollar for Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line, while we prepare for the launch of Travel and Tourism at Walt Disney Studios UK LTD, headquartered at Swindon, UK.

Paramount Parks and DCL UK: The estuary Thames is the site of Paramount Park Britian, Kent, near to Dover, where the Disney Cruise Line will embark, and is served by the Eurostar, which will be brought to the gate at the Paramount Park. The Historical Britain themed Park will feature the classic Paramount Plaza, and is reminiscent of Victorian London, Feudal Britian, Crusader Castle Era, with King Arthur's Castle and King Henry's Court. Dolby Digital Laboratories, the UK subsidiary of Konica Minolta, has agreed to design the Audio Visual Element of Paramount Park Britian, on the behalf of their work scoring the Timeline film. Paramount Parks has the contract to expand Ferrari Land Abu Dhabi. Additionally, Disney Cruise Line with Adventures by Disney Mediterranean route will redirect from Barcelona to Cap d'Agde for the Carcassonne tour, Alicante for the Costa Blanca or Paramount Park Murcia tour, with Italy, and Greece and Turkey on the 12 night cruise tour. The Baltic Cruise including redirect to a northern route to Finland is to be suspended until further confirmation on the USA releasing a travel warning on the Russian Federation.

Shield Action: Selfridge's & Co. Swindon is opening to design and taylor the leading actor pre-interview to red carpet attire. On His Majesty's Players, award is available to contract to the Shield, if invited to the private fitting. This event is brought upon, by the Sun Microsystems 100 Terabyte Shanghai Data Center, which took it upon itself to add Mark Hamill, playing Roy E. Disney to current download of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Shield Security: Texas Instruments Deep Space Network is connecting the Sun Microsysyems Shanghai Data Center, Sun Microsystems Nevada Data Center with General Atomic Fusion Reactor Cell, and Sun Microsystems UK Data Center of Euronext, for Walt Disney Studios UK LTD. While Dole Foods has quietly supported the maintenance of global financial receipt of film, including Frozen, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Star Wars: The Force Awakens et al. Recently, Dole Frozen Foods Military division was called upon to fulfill, the urgent medical mission between Edwards Air Force Base and Dow Chemical Iceland, with the assistance of TI Satellite Deep Space Network tracking and McDonnell Douglas stealth radar cover, after the initial McDonnell Douglas stealth mission was completed to Shield Cryosurgery. Tron Legacy reminds us of the mission's success. Walt Disney first secured the binding agreement, bearing nothing within our wake, with General Atomic to protect the Cryogenesis Project, which has been successfully transferred, with the private bullion treasury and trust to Dow Chemical Iceland and NATO Space Command Headquarters, code name Valhalla, from the secret bunker location via Edwards Air Force Base. General Atomic 1950 is part of the Conglomerate of Motorola Inc 1947, including Sun Microsystems 1948, Konica Minolta 1949, Texas Instruments 1951, in order to fulfill this agreement, the Presidential Situation Room released the Blind Trust of 1973, to McDonnell Douglas acquisition at Camp David, utilizing our advanced Superspace technology, to ownership by the Holy Roman Empire, draft of the Treaty of Versailles, the Blind Trust is held by the bond and insurance of the Holy Roman Empire: Lloyds of London LTD; the Conglomerate is under the management of the Bank of Japan. Conglomerate hiring i.e. recruitment is authorized by NATO Pact at 7000 hr 42 wk, 45 - 60 hr split between corporate function, Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire with United Arab Emirates embassy culture and military duty, with 1/2 Time 21/30/30 wk or 21/30/36 wk or Reserve 15/18/21 wk rotation, under condition, as authorized to the UK and Regent of Spain, Under the Edict of Nantes, to the Church of England, Space Command NATO of HRH William Noreman, descent of King Henry IV. Treaty of Versailles agency is Scotland Yard of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Musketeer of the Holy Roman Empire, and bearing hereditary citizenship the Ottoman State Foreign Legion ex. Egypt, site of NATO spaceport at El Kharga, where JAXA and United Arab Emirates Space Agency is serving the NASA Solar Heliosphere Observatory Platform, above the Red Sea. NASA Aerospace is a division of McDonnell Douglas Space Industry. Motorola Inc. is designated as the Administrator of the Pentagon Enterprise Network, which will be led by Texas Instruments Quantum Computing. Authorization to hire 100 personnel: 5 to TI Quantum Platform, 30 to Sun Microsystems Hardware and Embedded Systems Programming, 10 to Konica Minolta Advanced Application Developer Group, 25 to Motorola Military Hardware Network Technician Group, 25 to Motorola Android App Developers for Tech Support. Plus 5 to Global Media Group. Registration will commence at the $630 Million Texas Instruments CES 2018 02.16 + TechED unveiling HTC by Konica Minolta, Official Media Sponsor of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. United States Coast Guard Selected Reserve Direct Commission, select military program of McDonnell Douglas, starts 2020, before drill with the Japanese Coast Guard Tokyo Bay. TI Satellite tracking gleaned conditional Chinese Military Government approval to begin the Adventures by Disney China Tour with the Yangtze cruise to Three Gorges, starting post-Olympics. Certain official Chinese ceremonial involvement requires Unites States Coast Guard Uniform attendance to ensure the stability of our security system. The Security Ceremony is to take place at the Official opening of Disneyland Shanghai. Higher level Unites States and United Kingdom officer corps and the National Guard are authorized to transfer to NATO Pact ISO, where leading contract is: credential of medicine, engineering and law.

McDonnell Douglas Commercial for Texas Instruments: MD 1000 Helicopter and MD 100 Business Jet are deliverable, MD 12 Double Deck Aircraft is on order, with radar for A330neo and A380 Super-airliner. Dassault Le Bourget Paris airport is the flight hub, with AIAA LAX service hangar. MD 100 is flight ready to London Oxford Airport, where an Executive terminal is to be constructed, while Bristol Airport is being expanded to support flight service with the new terminal allowing modification for the MD 12, and the MD 1000 Helicopter route service to Walt Disney Studios UK LTD Cotswold Airport. Pan American Airlines, while being a commercial airline or hotelier within the United States of America is not foreseeable, the NATO government authorized flight clearance is tripartite: OSS Naval, Interpol and Scotland Yard, within the near term flight crew and cabin crew will begin name call. Corporate Code share reservation is to become available on British Airways round trip MAN to LAX or when booking through Walt Disney Travel and Tourism UK or the IHG reservation system, currently being developed for the Sun Microsystems Shanghai Data Center, though reservation block or blackout is held until flight clearance at many airports served by British Airways. Dassault Milieu has offered €2 billion to purchase the executive villa development at Parc Nature, which will be utilized for Dassault Le Bourget Paris as the planned Disneyland Paris Convention and Business Bureau, including the Sciences Po Seminar. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, division of Texas Instruments, will be operating a fleet of trucks reassigned to LAX freight, from the Alabama manufacturing plant, which will serve to move US personnel, with a Military Unit air transport from McAllen Air Force Base. UK freight is assigned to Norsk Global. Signature line of Dodge Ram, Maserati and AUDI will be the grand prize awarded through the TechED GO Game.

Corporate Culture Historical and Security Medical Reference: Holy Roman Empire Cultural Embassy is at Guildhall of Bath Abbey, Bath UK, serving Blenhein Palace of Leopold I, Oxfordshire UK, and the Court of St. James Castle, Wales UK, signing of the Edict of Nantes. Ottoman Empire Cultural Embassy is at Belvedere Castle, Vienna Austria. United Arab Emirates Cultural Embassy is at Winter Palace, Luxor Egypt, serving El Kharga. The Ottoman State bears the title Devlet-i Ottomaniyye. Bohemia, inclusive of Lviv and Bucharest is scheduled on inauguration of the € euro currency, thus as, the state reunification to the Republic of Hungary. Holy Roman Orthodox Church, monastic order, is operational at Sistine Chapel, Rome, Salzberg Cathedral, Austria, Poitiers Cathedral, France, Holy Roman Byzantine Orthodox Diocese is St. Georges Monastery, Palestine, monastic order is operational at Mt. Athos, Greece, and Choura Church, Turkey. Seli, Halkidiki, and Mt. Choriatis is the campus built by the Byzantine Orthodox Diocese of Greece, which is selected by MIT, Cornell University, CALTECH, United States Military Academy and United States Naval Academy to be the site of Fermilab Mission Control Center, Astronautic Ocean Engineering Graduate Center and Olympiad Training Center, as dedicated to the Pfizer FRA TR AE CHN Life-giving Dna gene therapy medical serum of the Temple of Artemis, Alexander the Great, first envisioned at the Tomb of Ming Emperor Zhu YiJun, which involved the global search for the hereditary bone marrow candidate, member of the Royal Monarchy of Hungary, the descendant of Tsar Boris, son of the heir of Holy Byzantine Roman Emperor Hieraclius and the Ice Diamond Empress, daughter of Zhu YiJun, which after purification by Dow Chemical Iceland is able to be redemonstrated with the Rare Earth and Rare Plant Rna serum, known as the Avatar Project. Dow Chemical and Pfizer were founded during the Reign of Holy Roman Emperor Franz Josef Hapsburg, descent of Emperor of Rome, Council of Nicea, Constantine I. Hierapolis is the site of the founding of the Roman Empire at the Forum Amphitheater, where Alexander the Great first began the Greco-Roman rite of Conquerer of Pergamon. Denizli, Turkey, the location of Hierapolis granted the $350,000,000 Oxford Fund Denizli Cotton Futures Fund to the Konica Minolta treatment center of Shield Cryosurgery, which was traded by a Bourbon member of the Hapsburg Dynasty, founder of the Oxford Fund at Blenhein Palace of Leopold I. Cultural Ambassadorial function begins 2019 to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the 1919 signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The Grand Tour of Palaces, Monuments and Archaeological Sites starts at Egypt with the classic Nile River Cruise, then on to Constantinople to board the Orient Express Railroad, with dignitary tour at each major Capital or Cultural Capital, to reenact the signing of Treaty of Versailles, then crossing by Eurostar to Dover to the classic Pullman Railroad of Britian, stopping at Guildhall of Bath Abbey, Tour of the cultural sites of Great Britian and Wales, including Walt Disney British Films LTD, St. James Castle and the Official Banquet and Garden Soirée of Blenhein Palace of Leopold I, then off again by Pullman Railroad to Dover to set sail on the inaugural embarkation of the 14 day Norwegian Fjords Cruise of the Disney Cruise Line UK Flagship.

Addendum: Holy Roman Empire has the prohibition on the consuming of red meat or slaughtering, whereas, some are vegetarian and require the space program alternate to egg, meat or roast, the bourbon Le Cordon Bleu raises wild game to life to table, and cultivates at Cordon Vert, within the hereditary law of hunting Royal ground by bow or falcon. Junta Governing Council has granted the legal right of Neo-Feudal Land Tenure to the Empirical Monarchy and the Ming Dynasty.

Codicil: Royal Heritage Trust includes Baccarat, Sèvres, Christofle, Boucheron, Limoges, Aubusson, Laguiole, Herbeau, Le Cornue, Mauviel, Wolford Austrian Crystal, Tiffany and Co., Petrossian, House of Fabergé, Estate of Dom Pérignon, Maison Perrier-Jouët and Salzburg Haus, Sunseeker Yachts i.e. Nameless and Felucca el-Nil, White Star Line Cunard i.e. redesigned HMS Queen Mary 2, Tauck Boat i.e. S.S. Empress Maria Theresa, S.S. Queen Nefertiti, and S.S. Grand Duchess Marie Palvona. Royal Heritage Industry Saint-Gobain, Suez SA, Gaz de France, France Telecom including Wanadoo, Mappy and Panoramio, ENI S.p.A.. Royal Heritage Banking is Banc de France, Bank of Japan, Bank Austria, Banc de Cairo, National Bank of Greece, Finanzbank Garanti & D-Marin Group, Ticaret and MICEX.

It’s a pleasure to know that this shot pleases you Lucien. Thanks for the like.

Je suis heureux que cette photo t'amuse Nada BN. Merci pour le L+F.

Amitiés, christian

Ładne ujęcie... / Pozdrowienia z Pojezierza Myśliborskiego!....(37/50)......Jerzy

Hi Manfred
Beautiful capture of all pictures of the birds. . Warm greeting.

Beautiful! Like.

Wonderful Skyline Picture!!!!

Favorite and Like!!!!


Such a famous place... Interesting images you have here.

Ja, das leuchtet abends so schön. Schöne Sicht der Dinge!

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